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About Us

Welcome at PokerInfo!

This is the site with all the information, tips & tricks to earn money with playing poker online!

Earning money with poker can be accomplished in two ways:
1. By calculating probability (pot odds) and using a good strategy.
2. By using the different bonus, promotion, freeroll and other tournament promotions of the various poker rooms.

The information on this site will give you a solid basis to get a grip on the theory behind the poker game. After that you can visit our forum to discuss certain strategies or other topics for a deeper level of understanding or to exchange new tips & tricks. Furthermore, we organize our special freeroll called Duckyroll which gives you the possibility to win money for free!

By understanding and judging every situation and by making the most rational decisions you will become a better poker player in time. This could possibly make you seriously rich. Being able to quit your job because you can make a living with poker is really not that unusual anymore. It all about how you approach the game...

We wish you good luck at the tables! Team.

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